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what + why

my work work takes form as sculpture and collage using natural found objects, natural paint, digital photograph, and other low-impact medium. materially and tactually, i am interested in exploring the juxtapositions, dichotomies, and opposition of material, texture, color, shape, and form.

i examine how we perceive nature, how we exist within the systems that define society, how we interact with constructed environments, and how and why we surround ourselves with objects. through probing natural vs industrial; minimal vs maximal; anti-consumerism vs consumerism; and the value of craft, consideration, restraint and simplicity vs scale, i want to spur deep thinking about these impacts on our culture, our sociology, our individual life experiences, and our relationships with the natural environment.

i use material, color, and shape as metaphors for what divides us as people, for exploring how we meaningfully connect, and for expressing abhorrence for the constant drive for consumption, expansion, and proliferation.

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