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navigating futures

     deepening the work started in the Superstition Mountains with ASU’s Desert Humanities Initiative (see superstion(s)), i wrote an essay published by Stanford’s Millennium Alliance for Humanities and the Biosphere exploring the possibilities of collaborative and conspiratorial work between art and science in guiding humanity out of our present predicament (aka, the metacrisis) and toward possible, reimagined just and equitable futures. in this series of works developed to accompany and extend the essay’s thesis, i use maps as a representation for the full realm and weight of “the sciences” and their outputs.


    as a collection, navigating futures examines the stories maps tell vs the stories they withhold or overwrite. questions how, as tools of modernity, maps are beneficial vs how they are hurtful. ponders how maps are devices of connection and disconnection; how maps are used to locate ourselves in the world or can serve to loose ourselves; how maps allow us to make sense of our situation and act on it or enable us to loose our sense of consciously experiencing the world we are navigating through.

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