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lithic dust
series 1 (repetition is a form of permanence)

    lithic dust . series 1 (repetition is a form of permanence) began in the desert in June 2019. the beauty and immensity of desert landscape is, of course, central to its calling, but more than that is the sheer power and weight of history that the rock holds. descending into canyons, scaling walls of slick rock, the weight of sea waters that once covered those lands and the ghosts of the beings that have come and gone since is palpable. over time, journeys to different desert geographies underscored the awesome story that stone holds and will continue to accumulate long after we as individuals and as a species cease to exist. stone contains our past, present, and future.

     lithic dust expresses my interest with the color, texture, form, and materiality of stone and stone’s distinction from one geography to another—in this series 1, desert geographies, in particular. in using stone in various states of pulverization to create an exposure, i seek to release the stories held within the rock i begin with. pulverization releases the energy of story and i provide the vehicle for the stone to express what it holds within.

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