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i work under the moniker coalesce because the word aptly captures the ways in which i have succeeded and failed and continue to pursue life. i experience existence through a myriad of lenses, disciplines, and facets of life. i instinctually and intuitively assemble together information, knowledge, insight, processes, mechanisms, tastes, touch, visuals, people from seemingly disconnected sources and combine them in a way that connects and resonates so that transformation, learning, connection, and action are inspired.

i spent too many years in a career, that while i learned a lot, did little to care for or lift up the humans, non-humans, and things that i care most about. my transformation to artist began when i left that career and opened a couple of restaurants. the restaurants were ridiculously hard businesses, but they allowed me to create – through hospitality and service –  connections to people, emotions, the fullness of sharing nutrition, and the plight of our food systems and the people that work within them that continue to influence me today.

i fully discovered my intents as an artist through collaboration with some amazing teachers, guides, and mentors who have taught me to strip away the noise and be guided by a clear view of self-discovery. today i work to hone my craft, continue learning, and contribute to amplifying the voice of the environment, of cultures, of ways of life struggling to survive under the weight of 8 billion people.



  • de Young Open 2023, Sep 2023 - Jan 2024, de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA.

  • Desert Humanities. Nov 2022, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. consulting artist.

  • Not Just Landscapes. Oct - Nov 2022, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA. Merit Award for lithic dust . series 1 (repetition is a form of permanence).

  • lunch with Goldsworthy. May 2019, Longview Ranch, Ukiah, CA. an event series using the work of Andrew Goldsworthy to inform the food, service, and setting.

  • site-specific installation of degrowth collection. April 2019, The Playhouse in San Anselmo, San Anselmo, CA.

  • the parent talks. Sep - Dec 2018, Corte Madera, CA. a dinner series supporting community development for parents wrestling with technology use and adolescent development.

  • dinner with Calder. May 2018, Longview Ranch, Ukiah, CA. an event series using the work of Andrew Calder to inform the food, service, and setting.

  • site-specific installation and dining event. August 2010, ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA.

  • adventures on the trail of the Habsburg Empire. July 2010, San Francisco, CA. a  food-centered experience exploring the historical impacts on northeastern Italian cuisine.

  • a feast for the pitch. June 2010, San Francisco, CA. an event benefitting Soccer Without Borders


Bon Appetit Magazine

Lonely Planet San Francisco City Guide Best Places To Eat

Louis Vuitton San Francisco City Guide Best Places To Eat

Michelin Guide

San Francisco Chronicle 3-stars and Top 100 restaurant

San Francisco Magazine Best Of The Bay

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Honor Award for Constructed Realities

International Interior Design Association (IIAD) Honor Award for Commercial Project

Published and/or quoted in publications related to wine production and appreciation, food history and quality, and, hospitality design: The Wall Street Journal/, The New York Times, IN, Food Arts, Elle Décor, San Francisco Magazine, Sunset Magazine, and Food Republic.



Boston University, Bachelor of Science, Boston, MA

Assistant to Dean of the University Professor’s Program, former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, William V. Shannon.

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